Monday, December 22, 2008

GEORGE WASHINGTON, OUR NATION'S FIRST PRESIDENT - George Washington defined the American Presidency more than any other President for the simple reason that when he assumed office, there was no model to follow. As such, he had to establish the precedents that all other Presidents have since followed. He also defined our public values as to the integrity, leadership and respect for the U.S. Constitution that we expect our U.S. Presidents to follow. Prior to his election as President, George Washington had been the indispensable man to bring about the convention that drafted the U.S. Constitution and had served as the convention's President. Prior to that, George Washington had been the indispensable man to lead the Continenal Army in defeating the British, who at that time were the greatest military power in the world. Because of the dedication and leadership of Washington, the thirteen colonies were able to do what had never been done successfully before - which was to lead a successful revolution of the people against a colonial power. Prior to the American Revolution, George Washington had co-authored with George Mason the Fairfax County Resolves, which was the first clear articulation of the rights of the American colonists to rebel and establish their own government if their natural rights were violated. He then attended both the First Continental Congress and the Second Continental Congress. At the latter, he was selected to be Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army before there even was a Continental Army, and a year before the Declaration of Independence was signed. When one talks about how the founding fathers risked their lives, liberties and property for the cause of the American Revolution, George Washington along with such other Patriot leaders as Samuel Adams, John Adams, and John Hancock was among the first to risk all for the American Revolution.